Void: lack of physical or psychic content. Space: a contained void. In our minds, a void is essentially associated with our physical and experimental idea of matter. When we refer to it, we immediately apply the negative counterpart to give it a size. We do not, therefore, understand it in itself, but need a framework … More BLANK SPACE – LIMITS

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Mind: A series of conscious or unconscious mental activities or processes. Reason: The act of reflecting on one’s understanding. The stunning cliffs of Dover on the coast of Sussex in England rise up before your eyes like a façade that is simply a clean, vertical slice through the land. Their uniqueness, apart from their colour … More ABYSS AND LABYRINTH


I am currently on a diploma course in sustainable architecture that is teaching me to establish the foundations and is also leading me to reflect on certain philosophies of everyday life. The closeness of nature, its contemplation from a distance and my involvement in it from a standpoint of respect is something that has always … More SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – SUSTAINABLE LIFE